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We at montegordo-online have been organizing beautiful fado shows and dance evenings for 15 years, including fun bus trips and visiting Seville

Perhaps you would like to discover the unspoiled Algarve during a jeep safari or a boat trip on the Guadiana river.

Fado, one of the last expressions of authentic European urban music. It has gained a new impetus in recent years, also outside Portugal. Fado is a music form that has grown specifically in Lisbon and Coimbra.

24 February 2024 fully booked

09 and 23 March

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The Guadiana boat trip
A pleasant day sailing by boat on the Guadiana river

Wednesday - Friday - Sunday

Smugglers route
The journey along the Guadiana River, the natural border between Portugal and Spain, allowing you to enjoy the scenery of its beautiful banks

Thursday - Sunday

Guadiana jeep and boat trip
Boat trip & Jeep safari a great day combination

Wednesday - Friday - Sunday



For a short or long stay in Monte Gordo or Vila Real SA, please email


Visit Mara the beauty specialist in Vila Real de Santo Antonio.

Partners in Tourism
Is a combination of sports and tourism, with the aim of organizing activities for groups. We organize for small and large groups great packages with very attractive prices. 

Of course we adhere to the covid19 that is necessary to receive you safely during your stay and during the activities

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